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Drinking Water Services:

The Office, Family and School

(Time of service: from 8:00 - 18:00 all days of the week.)


Trading Center Beverages BlueSea founded with two product lines are mainly mineral water and purified water. Logo BlueSea coordinated harmony from three color schemes: Green means spring's renewal, the color of prestige, of confidence and hope. White shows purity and transparency along the red victory, red enthusiasm ready in each member and also the red of the prosperity that BlueSea bring clients and their members . BlueSea carry on his noble mission: "Based on the strength of applied information technology with the deep understanding of market needs, our customers. We wish to contribute part of their effort to protect protection, health care and community benefit from the legitimate to the members. "

Although the contribution in the bottled water market is not long, amid market chaos on the level of hygiene, food safety and the types of bottled drinking water. We have received the attention, support and enthusiastic comments from customers are agencies, enterprises, representative offices of foreign companies in Vietnam, schools, hotels, construction sites and households:

Doosan Vietnam Co.,
DKSH Vietnam Co.,
System Brain Co., Ltd Vietnam
Co. AMNET Vietnam
Co. SHOET Vietnam
Construction Keangnam
Bong Sen Hotel - Corporation of Hanoi
Hotel for Women - Center for Women and Development
Platinum Hotel

Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology Central
Voice of Vietnam
Vietnam Metrology Center
Foreign Trade University
University of Technology - VNU Hanoi
School of Hanoi University of Technology I
University of Commerce
University set up the East Area Cities
Embassy of Kuwait ...

We look forward to getting more ideas, sincere comments from the community to improve itself, striving to complete the goals of business development, becoming the system shops beverage professional and to better meet the increasing needs of customers.

All suggestions for information please e-mail sent to the box below: 

We would like to thank!

Every day the human body to supplement at least 1.5 liters of water via diet. To protect health, drinking water to ensure hygiene standards. Can Tho correspondent had a talk with his Dam the Red Sea, Inspector of food hygiene and safety, the Department of Health Tho distinguish drinks and choosing water.