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Drinking Water Services:

The Office, Family and School

(Time of service: from 8:00 - 18:00 all days of the week.)


BlueSea provide “Service drinking water office, home and school” with the product brand, reputation and quality:

Aquafina Purified Water (4) Evian Mineral Water (8) Laska Purified Water (4)
Lavie Mineral Water (5) Vital Mineral Water (5) Tien Hai Mineral Water (4)
Sapuwa Purified Water (5) Kim Boi Mineral Water (5) Wells Purified Water (2)
Vitawa Purified Water (4)   

Every day the human body to supplement at least 1.5 liters of water via diet. To protect health, drinking water to ensure hygiene standards. Can Tho correspondent had a talk with his Dam the Red Sea, Inspector of food hygiene and safety, the Department of Health Tho distinguish drinks and choosing water.